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European Dogs

European Dogs

European Dogs

Dogs are popular the world over and if you are to believe the old adage are also ‘man’s best friend’. Thus it is no surprise that Europe should be equally fan of dogs and that European dogs should be equally well loved. European dogs are a highly popular and many European families across the continent have canine companions. As a result Europe is also a European-dogs-friendly place and while laws vary it is not unusual to see dogs running around on public beaches, sitting quietly in shops with their owners, or even being brought to pubs.
There are also many breeds of European dogs. While you can expect to find breeds of all kinds in Europe just as you can in the US, many breeds originated in Europe and particularly in France, Germany and England. Each of these breeds of European dogs has its own characteristics and its own history and were originally bred for different reasons.
For instance Poodles are highly popular European dogs having been bred in Europe and being popular in many countries. Interestingly most people think of poodles as being French, when in fact they are more likely to have originated in Germany where they were known as ‘pudels’. These European dogs are widely considered the second most intelligent dog breeds in the world and are distinct for their curly fur which means they don’t malt and which once made them good swimmers. In France they were used as gun dogs and would fetch game – which means they also have long snouts and particularly good smell.
Meanwhile the ‘English Bulldog’ is also an example of European dogs which is well known for its European origins. The term bulldog on its own is often used to refer to the English bulldog, though it is important to note that there are also such breeds as French bulldogs and American bulldogs – though these are derivative of mastiffs which were bread in the British Isles before Caesar. Even British bulldogs were created by breeding indigenous mastiffs with those from Spain – so these truly are European dogs. In the 17th century Bulldogs were used in bullbaiting – pitted against bulls as a form of gambling. It is believed that the distinctive wrinkles on their faces are designed to carry blood away from the eyes. Today though, these European dogs are among the most docile and easiest to please.
While these are just two popular European dogs, other popular dogs that originated in Europe include the bloodhound from Belgium, the basset hound and the beagle from France, the boxer and the doberman from Germany, the maltese from Italy or Malta, the kangal dog from Turkey and many more.

Europe Dog

Europe Dog


21 Comments so far

  1. Mewho   June 20, 2011 8:00 am

    Haha, pudels are european dogs. I thought they came from america. Seems like I was wrong.

    I own a dog, it is a bulldog. It made me love european dogs!

  2. terminus   June 23, 2011 8:18 pm

    European dogs make people very happy. I agree that a dog can totally change your life. I heard stories about isolated people. They had no friends etc. So they bought a dog and they got happier thanks to them.

  3. Erimia   June 25, 2011 6:32 pm

    A lot of people own european dogs. Most of them are happy with their decision of having them as pets. And they see that european dogs are very friendly.

    At the moment, I do not have any pet. But I will get a dog one day.

  4. Blackstone   June 26, 2011 8:35 am

    I hate bulldogs. They are so ugly and dangerous. I simply cannot understand people who like those dogs. Is it just me?
    PS: those 2 european dogs in the picture are so shweet.

  5. Tanya   June 30, 2011 8:56 am

    I love the dogs pictured on this page. How sweet they are. I love having dogs as pets and can see why many Europeans would love them as well. They make a great addition to any family.

  6. Shiva   June 30, 2011 9:15 am

    There are people who can’t stand dogs until they get one. European dogs in particular are very friendly and stick to a person for life. I would get 2 european dogs in the near future. Not just one, but two. Maybe if you get only one dog, he gets bored of us, the human race. :D

  7. Stephie   July 3, 2011 9:13 am

    I am not that much of a european dogs fan. But I do like those Poodles. I had one until it died. I also like dogs that are easy to please. Nobody wants their dog to be fastidious.

  8. Abigail   July 7, 2011 5:01 am

    These European dogs from your photo are so cute. I would like to have one. They are so funny. I’m thinking to get one of these European dogs. I would play with it every day. :D

  9. Oana   July 15, 2011 4:50 am

    This article about European dogs is really interesting. I hadn’t known many things about European dogs. For example I hadn’t known before that poodles are considered the second most intelligent dog breeds in the world. This is an interesting fact. But what dog breed is considered the most intelligent?

  10. Filofteea   July 23, 2011 3:06 pm

    I have 2 European dogs at home. First one is a Labrador. This breed is my favorite. The other dog is a Golden Retriever. It is one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever had.
    I love my 2 european dogs.

  11. Nazarie   July 24, 2011 4:16 am

    In my opinion European dogs should be the only animals which can stay around a house. European dogs or any dogs are the smartest animals. They are the man best friend. And why do we need other animals if we have dogs? They protect you, they are good friends, they listen you and do want you want to etc. Dogs are the best animals.

  12. Fergie   August 22, 2011 4:02 am

    One of my favorite European dogs is Golden Retriever. It is one of the best breeds in my opinion. It is the pattern for other European dogs. I have 2 European dogs this breed. I can say they are very smart and also very friendly.

  13. Bella   August 25, 2011 11:00 am

    I am not really much for dogs. but I will say that the bottom dog is so cute. If I had to get a dog, I would want a European dog like him. It would be a good choice.

  14. Gergi   September 2, 2011 4:02 am

    How can you not like these European dogs? They are so cute. I would definitely like to have some European dogs like these. My daughter would surely like them. They are so little and innocent :D

  15. Marble   September 10, 2011 8:51 am

    Yes know this is more like it. I love dogs and the European ones are very cute. I love the Poodle. I was not even aware that it was from Europe.

  16. Titu   September 18, 2011 1:06 pm

    My sister has 2 European dogs. She has a poodle and a Labrador. As far as I’m concerned I don’t stand the poodle. Poodles are not my favorite European dogs. They are not at all intelligent like you said, at least this poodle she owns…

  17. Grill   September 18, 2011 1:18 pm

    From all European dogs I love the Golden Retriever. They are the most impressive breed of European dogs. I would really like to have a dog like this. But my parents don’t like animals around the house. They are such haters.

  18. Jingle   October 9, 2011 9:53 am

    I’ve never had any European dogs. My parents were against raising animals in an apartment. But I’ve always wanted a dog. All my friends had one or two European dogs at home. I was the only one without a pet.

  19. Bell   October 9, 2011 2:53 pm

    My favorite European dogs are those from the picture above. They look so sweet. I would really like to have these two European dogs. They must be very playful. They are so innocent and cute.

  20. Hard   October 9, 2011 3:26 pm

    How can anybody can kill these pour little creatures? I’m against euthanasia. Look at those 2 little European dogs above! They are so little and innocent. How can you kill these European dogs?

  21. Callie2899   June 23, 2012 1:44 pm

    I love Dog and Horses and Cats.
    All Animals.


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