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European Vacation Movies

European Vacation Movies - Euro Trip

European Vacation Movies – Euro Trip

Europe has long been a great destination for holidays, is ever-growing as a hotspot for stag parties and hen-dos, and has a wealth of great culture, scenery and history for anyone interested in exploring. It’s no wonder then that it makes such a great setting for vacation movies – and there are any number of films about friends going on European road trips and dream holidays to the continent – any of which make great watching before your own European trip. Here are four examples to check out…

European Vacation: What better name to give a film about a vacation to Europe than ‘European Vacation’? (Also known as the ‘National Lampoon’s European Vacation). While the film lacks imagination in terms of its name, it’s fairly old now (having been released in 1983) so it can probably be forgiven. And as the age and the name might suggest this is a rather slapstick affaire from the old-school of comedy which may be lost on modern discerning audiences. That said if you’re a fan of Dana Hill and Chevy Chase, or of the National Lampoon franchise in general, then you’ll probably find this entertaining.

Euro Trip: This one is a little more modern and much more in the styling of Road Trip or American Pie. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite live up to those two legendary-among-the-right-crowds titles (probably due to the absence of Sean William Scott), but is still a fun high-school road trip movie and might inspire you to consider Europe for your next ‘lads holiday’.

The Inbetweeners Movie: The Inbetweeners is a hit British sitcom that went out with a bang with this epic film. Being set in Britain it makes sense that the protagonists would head to Europe (Crete to be specific) for their summer holiday blow-out, and lots of awkward British humour ensues. While Euro Trip is the glossy idealized version of what it’s like to be a teen on-tour, this film provides a much more realistic interpretation of the rejection, humiliation and profuse vomiting that really comes from these kinds of jaunts (though it still has a happy ending).

My Life in Ruins: Starring Nia Vardalos from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, this is a film about a tour guide in Greece who hates her job, most of the tourists she shows around, and life in general; but who learns to have fun and falls in love on her last rollercoaster of a tour. It has a 9% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and is seriously just romcom schmalz, but nevertheless is a great showcase for Greece and still fundamentally ‘feel good’.

European Vacation Movies

European Vacation Movies

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  1. Jonney   December 16, 2012 9:32 am

    Heei, thank you so much for this list of European vacation movies! As you know the winter vacation is coming so I will definitely watch them. I have not seen any of these European vacation movies, but they all seem pretty nice and I am sure am going to enjoy them all. Thank you again! I am going to come back and write my review about each of them.

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