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European News Websites

European News Websites

European News Websites

Staying on top of all the news I just your own country can sometimes be tricky. We are constantly bombarded by new things happening and by big developments that threaten to shake the foundations of our country. On top of this the plethora of different sources through which to hear the news and the sometimes biased and one sided reports make this difficult to know what to believe or where to get the updates from.

Imagine then staying on top of what’s going on on a whole continent of diverse and multi-cultured countries. That’s what European news websites aim to do and what they can help you with. European news websites aim to provide the latest breaking news from countries across Europe and from the rest of the world where it affects those in Europe. It’s great for people who are a fan of the continent, who have business connections there, or who have other continental ties. But again, where can you go for your news, and who do you trust? Here are some of the best European news websites.


BBC News Europe: The BBC is a well respected institute the world over and one that is highly professional and as unbiased as possible in its coverage. Of course being a British organization (and a government-funded one at that) you could argue that it would be a little skewed towards British events – but then that criticism could be leveled at any English-language European news website.

EuroNews.Net: EuroNews.Net meanwhile is a site with a design very similar to the BBC’s attempt but with no obvious ties to any one country.

New Europe: New Europe follows the same trends as other European news websites but with a slightly more ‘magazine-like’ feel and the more European top level domain ‘.eu’ making it truly European. It tends to have a slightly different selection of headlines to its competitors.

Europa: Europa is particularly ‘EU News’ meaning it has a slightly narrower selection of topics when compared to other European news websites on this list and a more stark and business-like design to go with it.

Other Sources: As well as European news websites there are many other sources to get your helping of European news and some of these can in fact provide you with more up-to-date news and a less biased approach. These days news tends to filter down through a range of different social networking sites and blogs for instance, and seeing what’s ‘trending’ on Twitter or following news sites on there presents another different and very organic way to stay up to date with news from around the world.

European News Site

European News Site

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