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Europe Drinking Age

Europe Drinking Age

Legal drinking age in Europe varies greatly with the country. The most varied ages spectrum is seen in the UK, where drinking is legal, even for a kid of 5 years, provided some rules are abided. Any one who is above 18 years of age can purchase alcohol in the UK, and people above 16 years of age can purchase alcohol chocolates. Kids, whose ages are 16-18 with special licenses, can consume wines and spirits at a pub with their main course meals, provided they are accompanied by an adult and the liquor is ordered by the adult. Children from 14-16 years of age can consume beer under adult supervision. Children below 14 years of age are not allowed into pubs, unless they are accompanied by their parents. For a kid above 5 years of age, drinking is legal in one’s home, provided it is supervised by parents.

For France as well, anyone under the age of 16 can consume alcohol within the boundaries of their homes under adult supervision. For purchase of beer and wine, you need to be at least 16 years old, and for purchasing harder liquor with more alcohol content, one should be more than 18 years of age. In Italy also, as well as in other parts of the continent, rules are almost similar. Anyone between 14-18 years of age can consume liquor in their homes and can purchase alcohol after having reached the age of 18.

Again, much like the legal drinking age, legal age for smoking and consuming cigarettes and tobacco products varies from country to country. In Europe, the legal age of purchase of cigarettes is 18 years in almost all the countries, with an exception to Netherlands, where this criterion is relaxed to 16 years of age. Similarly the legal age for smoking is also 18 years except in the UK and Ireland, where smoking is allowed after the age of 16. Netherlands and Isles of Man impose no such restrictions pertaining to smoking ages. Similarly, the legal ages for consent to sex are disparate, depending upon the country. In the Vatican, it is the lowest, set at 12 years of age, where as in places like Malta and turkey, it is as high as 18 years of age, which happens to be the highest in Europe. On an average, this age mostly revolves around 14-16 years of age.

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