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Europe 1914 – “A Massacre”

Europe 1914

Europe 1914

The possibility of a world war began to emerge in the late 1870s and escalated to Europe 1914. But most of the governments in Europe planned to take actions in order to prevent this war. While some countries started to see a downfall, others stood up like a Colossus. Britain was the premium power in the beginning of the 20th century, this is the largest ever known. Britain was ruling on countries like India, Australia, Gibraltar, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Rhodesia, parts of West Indies, and Hong Kong. But Britain saw a downfall in the year 1914 and it was no longer leading in terms of economy in Europe.  Germany had emerged as a chief threat to Europe 1914.

Otto von Bismarck played a significant role in Germany’s overall development. Germany also ruled empires like northern New Guinea, Chinese Province of Shandong, Samoa, German South-West Africa, German East Africa, and the Cameroons and Togoland. Germany experienced the quickest industrial development in the entire world. Europe 1914 led to Germany’s share in international trade. Germany also targeted France and parts of Russia.  You will be surprised to know that by the year 1914, the German navy was the second largest and German army was the twentieth in the world. The year 1912 had also marked the beginning of the German Army Air service.

Europe 1914, France was just an agricultural country during the early 20th century. It was considered lower than Germany and Britain till then. It also feared Germany to be a threat to its integrity. The French Army Air service was formed before the German Service, in the year 1910. But by the year 1914, France also emerged as a power in terms of battleships, cruisers, submarines, destroyers and torpedo boats.

But, where was Russia in the Europe 1914 conflict? Russia, in the year 1914, included Poland and Finland. But Russia too feared a German attack during this period. The year 1907 marked a juncture between Russia, Britain and France. Russian Army Air Service was established in 1912. And also, Russia became the largest army in Europe 1914, prior to the First World War. Italy, mainly an agricultural country, was experiencing industrial growth by then. Italy too feared external attacks. Italy then entered into alliance with Germany. And Italy introduced its army in 1907. These were the most powerful countries in Europe which showed active participation during the world war.

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